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Larson Named LEAPS Project Consultant

The Legal Education, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Practical Problem-Solving (LEAPS) Project of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution’s Law Schools Committee has invited Hamline Law professor David Allen Larson to serve as a consultant to civil procedure faculty nationwide who want advice about incorporating practical problem-solving into first year courses.

Practical Problem-Solving (PPS) involves the range of skills that lawyers use regularly in practice in addition to legal research, writing, and analysis. These skills include fact gathering, client interviewing and counseling, negotiation, representation in ADR processes, and drafting legal documents, among others.

The LEAPS project has convened small panels of highly-respected law faculty to be available to consult with faculty around the country who want advice about incorporating PPS into their courses. These panels are organized by subject area.

Professor Larson joins fellow Hamline Law professor James Coben in serving as a consultant for the project.