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Steinbach Publishes Textbook

Susie Steinbach, professor of history and honors program director, will have a new book published later this month entitled, Understanding the Victorians: Politics, Culture and Society in Nineteenth-Century Britain. It will be released by Routledge Press on November 28 in the United Kingdom and on December 30 in the United States.

Understanding the Victorians paints a vivid portrait of the Victorian era, combining broad survey with close analysis, and introduces students to the critical debates taking place among historians today. It encompasses all of Great Britain and Ireland over the whole of the Victorian period, giving prominence to social and cultural topics alongside politics and economics and emphasizing class, gender, and racial and imperial positioning as constitutive of human relations. Starting with the Queen Caroline affair in 1820 and coming right up to the start of World War I in 1914, Steinbach uses thematic chapters to discuss and evaluate politics, imperialism, the economy, class, gender, the monarchy, arts and entertainment, religion, sexuality, religion, and science. Steinbach also provides three chapters on topics rarely covered at this introductory level on space, consumption, and the law.

With an introduction outlining the key themes of the period, a detailed timeline, and suggestions for further reading, this is the ideal companion for all students of the nineteenth century.