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Recent Hamline graduates set off on careers throughout the world

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Hamline’s newest alumni are embarking on new adventures and accomplishments, and they are already making their mark on the world. Whether it’s starting a career, going on to graduate school, or traveling, there are as many intriguing paths as there are Pipers.

Ashley Humphrey, a history and religion major, is deciding between a position with the Lutheran Volunteer Corp or a job that would take her to Dubai to teach history to high school students. She learned about the opportunity in the Middle East during her undergraduate study abroad experience in Lebanon.

“I met with companies in Dubai that were looking for Americans who could go beyond teaching just rote memorization and dates but could teach critical-thinking and analysis of historical events,” Humphrey said. “Hamline really focuses on those kinds of skills, so I felt it would be a great fit.”

Humphrey was also intrigued by the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with people of many different faiths while in the Middle East. It’s an interest that she cultivated at Hamline as a member of the Wesley Center for Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice’s multi-faith dialogue club. However, the religion major wasn’t something she came to college looking to pursue.

“I registered late one semester so I was ‘stuck’ taking an introduction to religion course,” Humphrey said. “But, after that, I just wanted to keep taking religion classes. Hamline has an amazing religion department. You can’t help falling in love with the professors and the material.”

For Mitch Steen, it was the lure of the French and global studies departments that set him on the path to his next adventure. Steen has secured a job overseas with the French Ministry of Education. In September, he will begin work as a teacher’s assistant in English or history.

“At Hamline, your professors and fellow students make you think critically. That will be very helpful now that I’m preparing to teach a class,” Steen said. “Critical thinking gives you a whole new way of exploring, perceiving, and questioning issues and ideas.”

Steen hopes that he can be as inspirational to his students as his Hamline professors were to him…professors such as Max Adrien.

“Professor Adrien is so enthusiastic, and he kept us excited, trying, and willing to learn even when the subject matter was difficult. The global studies professors were similar,” Steen said. “I think that the fact I had knowledgeable and passionate professors is what made me enjoy my experience at Hamline the most.”