Hamline News

Khoury-Hanold sweeps events in Augsburg Pentathlon

All of the events in the pentathlon were at the 100-yard distance.

Khoury-Hanold started out by winning the butterfly in 52.52, then the backstroke in 57.19. He won the IM in 57.96, the breaststroke in 1:05.42, and the freestyle in 49.06.

Isak Vartti (Fy., Hugo, Minn.) had a strong debut as a Piper, finishing second in the overall standings. He also finished second in the butterfly in 1:01.06, the backstroke in 1:05.19, IM in 1:04.44, and freestyle in 55.06.

David Janezich (Sr., Minneapolis, Minn.) rounded out the Piper top performances by finishing fourth overall. He was third in the butterfly in 1:11.59 and in the freestyle with a time of 58.19.

As a team, the Pipers defeated Saint Mary's, 173-47.

The Pipers will next swim at the Northfield Relays on Saturday, October 31, at 11:00 a.m.