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School of Business Professor David Schultz wins second Fulbright Scholarship; heads to Budapest for lecture series

 Professor David Schultz is headed back to Eastern Europe after being awarded his second “Senior Specialist” Fulbright scholarship. Shultz will headquarter at Corvinus University in Budapest this fall where he will research administrative law reform in former soviet-bloc countries.

Schultz said he hopes to speak with Hungarian government officials as research for a new book, and he plans to talk to students and faculty and give lectures throughout the region, as well.

“I began talking to Corvinus University two years ago about making this trip,” Schultz said. “To the best of my knowledge, Corvinus has never hosted a Fulbright scholar, and they were extremely interested in doing that as a benefit to their students. So, it’s is really a relationship of convenience for both of us.”

Always busy, Schultz hopes to visit a few other former soviet-bloc countries for his research as well if there is time.

During his first Fulbright in 2007, Schultz went to Armenia where he taught election law at American University. The trip coincided with the Armenian election cycle, and his course was a comparison between the American and Armenian electoral processes.

“That trip was sponsored by the U.S. government,” Schultz said, “as part of a broader attempt to encourage the democratization in the region.”

Roughly 100 people each year receive a Fulbright award in the category of “Senior Specialist,” which is limited to those who have more than ten years of experience and have shown excellence in a particular field.

As for the difficulty in receiving a second Fulbright, Schultz said, “I was very lucky to receive the honor a second time.”

Schultz leaves for Budapest in early to mid-September and returns in late October.