• McVay Fellows: 2011-2012


    Kelby Brandanger



    (Spring 2012)


    Hi, my name is Kelby. This will be my second year at McVay, and my fourth year at Hamline where I'm studying music and education. I enjoy meeting new people, visiting places, making music, and performing with my bands. I like to help people too, so if you have a question or a problem and you're not sure who you can ask, you can always come to me--even if you just want somebody to listen to you.
    I'm looking forward to this great school year, and I hope you are too! See you around."

    Wylie Cephas, Jr.
    (Fall Semester)

    Wylie Photo

    Liberty Plaza
    Senior Fellow


    My name is Wylie Cephas Jr.  I’m a senior at Hamline and I am also a fellow at Liberty Plaza.  I’ve been with the program for over two years now.  I also played football for Hamline.  The program means a lot to me.

    Margaret Crenshaw

    Margaret 2011-12

    Senior Fellow


    Hey! My name is Margaret Crenshaw. It will be my third year here at Hamline. My majors are Social Justice and Education, and a certificate of proficiency in Spanish! I like to keep busy with things I love music, painting, and hanging out with my friends and family. I keep busy with my job at the library, Hand in Hand, and my internship teaching ELL at the Neighborhood House in West Saint Paul. This year I will be returning as a fellow at Wheelock. I'm having a blast with the Arlington/Wheelock kids this summer and I can't wait to start work in the fall!

    Francis Dimapelis




    Hi! My name is Francis Dimapelis.  I am a senior at Hamline, majoring in Criminal Justice and History.

    This will be my 3rd year working for McVay.  I really like working with kids.  I love doing service to make communities a better place to be!  I’ve lived in Saint Paul all my life, and love playing basketball, football, badminton.  I chose to work for McVay, because it gives me an opportunity to experience the world of teaching!

    Meron Gebrehiwot

    Emma's Place


    Hi, my name is Meron Gebrehiwot, I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota and I am going into my Senior year at Hamline University. This will be my second year working for McVay and my first year working as a fellow. I am looking forward to building stronger relationships with the kids as well as the staff! I am majoring in economics with minors in business administration and Anthropology. I love sports and music, as well as the opportunity to be a role model for the bright young kids I work with!

    Jasmine M. Graves

    Jamine Graves 2011-12

    Emma's Place

    Senior Fellow

    My name is Jasmine M. Graves and I will be returning to Hamline University this year as a senior.

    This will be my third year working with the McVay program and I'm sure this will continue to be a great and enjoyable experience! I am majoring in Business Administration and minoring in psychology. Outside of my academic interests, I love working with the youth and helping them create a successful path for their future! I've participated in many volunteer programs working with youth, and look forward to continuing with helping the youth reach new grounds by being a member of the McVay program! This program has helped me grow as an individual, and now being a Fellow, I have learned a lot. In addition, I hope to learn more about each of the students, and also learn more about myself.

    Katie Hoemberg


    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church

    Senior Fellow


    "Hello, my name is Katie Hoemberg.
    I am a Senior at Hamline University, majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology. After I graduate from Hamline I plan on to go to Law School. Along with McVay, I work at Bush Library and in the Human Resources Department at Hamline.
    McVay has been a part of my life for over two years now. I began as an intern and now I am going into my third year as a fellow at Arlington Hills. The students we work with are absolutely amazing and I am truly blessed to be a small part of this program."



    Dayliar Htoo

    Daylar 2011-12


    (Spring 2012)


    Hi! I’m Dayliar Htoo.

    This year is my second year working with McVay and I will be a sophomore this year. I enjoy working with McVay so much. McVay helped me become a better adult and also helped me understand children better. I have a lot of fun working with the kids last year and also during the summer camp.

    I look forward to having more fun with the McVay youth this year and also be a good role model to them.


    Zin Zin Htoo

    ZinZin Htoo

    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    Hi, My name is Zin Zin Htoo and this is my second year at Hamline University. I came to the U.S. in 2003. I'm from Burma. I speak Karen,English Burmese, and a little Thai.  Over the summer I worked with the McVay program and I just loved it! Before that I used to be a student at the McVay program at Arlington, but now I'm a staff member in the program.  I am just so glad to be at Hamline University. Thanks a lot to Jane Krentz. because without her I wouldn't be here with all of you at Hamline.

    Nancy Huynh

    Nancy 2011-12

    Liberty Plaza
    Senior Fellow


    Hey there! I'm Nancy Huynh, a senior majoring in Communication Studies, double minoring in Spanish and Education, with Certificates in International Journalism and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

    In addition to McVay, I'm also a New Student Mentor for incoming first year students and I'm also on the board for the Asian Pacific American Coalition on campus.

    This is my second year with McVay and I am a fellow at Liberty. I am so thrilled to be working with these students again!

    Sky Jackson

    Sky 2011-12

    Emma's Place


    Hello, My name is Sky Jackson and this is my third year returning as a Fellow at Emma's Place. I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, with a minor in psychology, and also receiving my paralegal certificate. I started working for McVay in the fall of 2010 as an intern, and I love getting to know the staff and the personalities of these wonderful kids. From then on, I began to  built great relationships with the kids that I wouldn't be able to replace. I love being a part of this awesome opportunity. Being able to be a mentor to this kids means the world me and the world to them. Knowing that I am doing something to make their lives better is a feeling that I appreciate greatly. This partnership has taught me the true meaning of empowerment, enrichment, mentoring, and support. Being in McVay is one of my biggest achievements in all my years at Hamline University.

    Christian Kibler

    Christian Kebler

    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    My name is Christian Kibler and I am a fellow at Arlington. I enjoy playing soccer and I run track and field here at Hamline. This will be my second year with McVay. My favorite part of working for McVay is getting to build relationships with students and helping them in any way I can. I hope that in my future I will work as an adaptive physical education teacher or an occupational therapist in Minnesota schools.

    Jasmine Norris-Marsh

    Jasmine Norris-Marsh 

    Liberty Plaza


    Hey!  My name is Jasmine and I am a third year at Hamline University.

    This is my second year in McVay and I am thrilled to be a part of such an outstanding program. I am currently going to school for a Communications Studies major, a Sociology minor and a certificate in International Journalism. After school I am hoping to intern with one of Minnesota's major TV broadcast companies and eventually become a news journalist. I am also a Piper cheerleader and participate in Hamline's Gospel choir in my spare time. I enjoy traveling and have been to several countries and states all over the world. Some of the things that are most important to me are my family, music, meeting new people and learning new things!

    John Vang

    John Vang

    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church 


    My name is John Vang. I am a senior this year at Hamline University majoring in English Education and hoping to get into ESL education. This year I am the president of the Hmong Student Association (HSA), so I oversee all that goes on in the Hmong community at Hamline. In my free time, I love to break (b-boy), draw and just relax with my friends. I love meeting new people and I love my position here at McVay!

    Nico Wolff

    Nico Wolf 2011-12



    I am a transfer junior at Hamline University. I am  interested in becoming a professor of Spanish. I have worked with youth at my high school in Costa Rica by teaching soccer, being a role model and friend to many of them.  I was also an ESL teacher for four months in my hometown Costa Rica.

    Over the summer, I was a camp counselor in Wisconsin. I enjoy working with youth and sharing experiences with them.  I am a Pentecostal Christian.  I enjoy playing soccer and living a healthy lifestyle. This is my first year working as a McVay Fellow and I am thrilled to be in such a diverse community here in Saint Paul.

    Yakasah Wehyee

    Yas 2011-12

    Liberty Plaza


    Hi, my name is Yakasah Wehyee. I grew up in North Minneapolis. Growing up, school did not come easy for me. I always had to work twice as hard to keep up with the rest of the class and would often feel as if I was no good at anything.

    I was fortunate enough to have positive people in my life the whole way through who constantly supported and believed that I could achieve great things if I put my mind and effort to it. Working at McVay is a great opportunity for me as I feel that I can make a positive difference in another kid’s life.

    Pa Yong Xiong

    Pa Yong 2011-12

    Arlington Hills United Methodist Church


    My name is Pa Yong Xiong.

    I will be a Junior at Hamline this year, majoring in Business Management. On my free time, I like to paint, sing off tune, and relax. Being in the McVay program, I hope to build bridges, inspire, and motivate students. This will be my first year being a Fellow and I am excited about planning and working with more wonderful students this year!

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