• Project Call Submission Form

    Accessing, Submitting, and Filling out the Project Call Submission Form

    Fill out this Google form to submit Project Call and other requests.

    On the first screen of the form, please select whether the project is for ITS, Facilities, both or if it is an “Other” capital request.  If it is an “Other” request, you will then be taken to questions related to an “Other” capital request.  If it is a request for ITS, Facilities or both you will be taken to questions relating to a Project Call request.  

    For an ITS and/or Facilities request, you are asked to provide the name of the project, the associated department and then choose who is authorizing the project from the list of those who have been given authority to approve requests.  Please note that you are not asked to provide your name or contact information because this is captured automatically when you submit the form.  You are then given a place to provide a description of the project, including technical requirements (ITS) and facilities/space requirements (Facilities), and then the next four questions ask you to provide an assessment of your request in terms of value, strategic alignment, commitment/sponsorship and feasibility.  The final question allows you to indicate if you are making a final submission or if you intend to further edit your request.  Please note that answering this last question does not mean you have submitted the form yet. 

    Once you have filled out all the questions, you can click on the Submit Form button.

    IMPORTANT: When you click the Submit button, DO NOT CLOSE THE SCREEN until you a) see a message informing you that you have successfully submitted (you may have to scroll up to see it) and b) receive a notification email containing your request and a link to make changes to it later. You may be asked to click on a second Submit button, and you could also find that it will not submit because you have not filled out all the required fields (if so, they will be highlighted in red). In all cases, do not simply click on the Submit button and close the screen assuming that the process is complete.

    For any other capital request, you are asked to provide the associated department, org#, a description of the items requested, the reason/need, the initial cost and the ongoing cost.  With the final question you can then indicate if you are making a final submission or if you intend to further edit your request, and the rest of the process works just like it does with Project Call requests (please see instructions just above).  

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