• Grants and Scholarships for Law Students

    Hamline University School of Law Grants and Scholarships

    Hamline University School of Law has a limited number of merit-based scholarships for law students. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of criteria submitted to the Admissions Office at the time of admission. Students receiving these scholarships will be notified by the Admissions Office. Other scholarships are selected by a committee from essays submitted by the student. Information on those scholarships can be found in the Assistant Dean’s Office.

    Minnesota GI Bill

    The Minnesota GI Bill provides financial assistance to Minnesota veterans and service members who served on or after September 11, 2001. Full-time undergraduate or graduate students may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 per term and part-time students can receive up to $500 per term. A one-page online application for the Minnesota GI Bill is available at www.ohe.state.mn.us/military. More information is also available by calling the Minnesota Office of Higher Education at 651-642-0675 or by contacting a regional representative of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Outside Scholarships, Grants, and Resources

    (including Vocational Rehab, Veterans benefits, Americorps, and employer reimbursement)  

    Outside Scholarships
    Minority, Ethnic & International Student Scholarships  

    All outside scholarships, grants, and resources you receive must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Once Hamline University receives the outside scholarship or grant money, it is applied to your student account. If the term has not yet begun, the funds are held until they can be applied. Outside grants may reduce the self-help portion of your financial aid award.

    Award Letter Changes/Revisions

    In the event that we receive new or additional information including, but not limited to housing, outside funding, or enrollment, your financial aid is subject to change. Please be aware that all financial aid award letter changes/revisions will be sent to you electronically. An email will be sent to your Hamline account that will instruct you to log into Piperline to review your revised award. If at any time you would like a paper copy of your financial aid award, you may request one from the Office of Financial Aid by emailing finaid@hamline.edu.


    Half-time*: At least 6 credits per semester. 

    Full-time: At least 12 credits per semester.

    Summer half-time*: At least 3 credits.

    Summer full-time: At least 6 credits.

    *Half-time status is a requirement for all federal and some alternative student loans.

    The Hamline School of Law requires an "Underload Status Request" for all students taking less than 8 credits per semester during the fall and spring.