•    Project - Phase 2: Merging students accounts into @hamline.edu

    • Hamline ITS will be moving all in-use student and alumni GMail accounts to the same Google domain as Hamline staff and faculty. This means that students' email addresses will soon change to an @hamline.edu address
    • New email addresses for students will take effect at 6am May 28 (the day after Memorial Day
    • Emails sent to your @hamlineuniversity.edu address will be redirected to your new email address starting May 28
    • This exciting and important step will allow the entire Hamline community -- students, faculty, and staff -- to use and share the same collaboration platform in Google

    What students need to know
    • Only in-use accounts will be moved. Your account is "in-use" if you have logged in to your account sometime in the last 18 months. If you are forwarding your mail and have not logged in a quite some time, there is a risk your account will not be moved unless you login.
    • Please make sure to login to your @hamlineuniversity.edu account at least once before May 15 to show that it is an active account. Go to hamline.edu/googlemail and use your current Hamline password.
    • This would be a good opportunity to clean out your email account
    • The switch will be happening between 8pm May 27th and 6am May 28. Student email service may be down for few hours during the migration.
    • Your newest emails (1 month) will be migrated to the new account with the merge on May 27; the rest will be slowly moved for the following two months
    • After May 28th 6am:
      • your email address will now be username@hamline.edu
      • your username and password will not change
      • your new email login page is www.hamline.edu/mail
      • you will still be able to login to your old email address to view older emails until they are migrated
      • start notifying people of your new email address 
    Need Help?

    if you miss the May 15
    deadline or you need help with your email account, please contact the
    (651) 523.2220