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    Frequently Asked Questions About the Going Google Project

    Why is Hamline University Going Google? 

    Hamline University’s work as a learning community has outgrown the capacity of GroupWise. Google offers the opportunity to enhance work in a collaborative way, taking advantage of all current technologies for communication, including Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts. 

    When will this happen? 

    The migration will take place from December 28 in the evening through January 1, with January 2, 2013 being the day that Google is "live" and used as Hamline's official Email and Calendaring solution.  Test accounts and training will be available starting on November 26, 2012.

    Are other schools using Google? 

    The Campus Computing Project released its annual report at EDUCAUSE 2011. Last year's survey named Google as the leading provider of outsourced, cloud-based campus email and collaboration services. According to the survey, 89 percent of higher education institutions are either already using or considering switching to cloud-based solutions. Of four-year colleges and universities (including community colleges) that have already moved to the cloud, more than 56 percent have gone Google - including 64 percent of public universities and 66 percent of private universities. In September 2011, Google announced that 61 of the Top 100 Schools (according to US News & World Report) were using Google Apps for Education. 

    Are we joining Hamline students and using the same Google domain as they are?

    For now, staff and faculty at Hamline will be using the @hamline.edu domain, while students will continue to use the @hamlineuniversity.edu domain.  We are hoping to merge the two domains sometime in 2013.  Details to come.

    Will Hamline Blackberry users be able to access Google Gmail and Calendaring from their Blackberries? 

    During the same week that Hamline has officially transitioned to Google, Hamline-provided Blackberries will be replaced by iPhones.  The iPhone integration with Google Gmail and calendaring is strong; Halmine mobile device users will benefit from this and all the other iPhone features.  Personal Blackberries and mobile devices that have been configured to use Groupwise will need to be reconfigured (please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance once the campus has transitioned to Google).

    Will this move to Google change how we use the S: drive and U: drive?

    While it is true that Google Drive is one of the Google apps that will be available to use once Hamline has migrated, Hamline will continue using the S: and U: drives as the official location for documents and folders.  Each department and/or individual user can choose to use Google Drive as they wish.  It is important to keep in mind that Google Drive, while allowing convenient cloud-based storage that is accessible anywhere in the world, does not offer as many features as the applications in Microsoft Office.  Departments and individual users should also be sure to learn the dynamics of document conversion when using both Microsoft Office and Google Drive.

    How do I get to my Google Gmail and Calendaring from an Internet Cafe or from Home?

    Go to www.google.com and click on MAIL from the menu across the top.  You will be prompted for your email address and password-- be sure to enter your Hamline username followed by @hamline.edu and your password.  For example, Jane Smith would enter something like jsmith01@hamline.edu as her username.

    I have more questions. Where can I get more information? 

    Use the Contact us form to send us a question.

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