• Going Google FAQs

    Hamline University has Gone Google!  As of January 2, 2013, Google Gmail and Calendaring is Hamline's official system of communication.    Groupwise has been disconnected as an active mail service.  You can still browse your old Groupwise email via hamline.edu/gw, but cannot send or receive email there.   Hamline email is now available via  hamline.edu/mail.  

    For migration-specific FAQs and learning resources, see GoogleLearn


    Frequently Asked Questions About Policies and Security

    Are there privacy and security risks associated with moving University data into Google's servers?     
    Google has more resources to devote to privacy and security than Hamline University does. While it is true that Google is more likely a "target for attack," it also has substantial investments in preventing attacks and in responding to new threats. Unlike individual accounts with Google, Hamline University's Google Apps for Education accounts are covered by an overall contract between Hamline University and Google, which provides appropriate assurances of privacy. Under this contract, all data is owned solely by the institution and the individual client and Hamline University can delete that data permanently at will. Google would have much to lose by violating the privacy terms of its contract with Hamline University; any willful violation of privacy would be devastating to Google's reputation and business. In addition to high level contractual issues, experience reported by other schools indicates that various technical issues require careful attention, but are addressable. For more information, please see Google's Security and Privacy FAQ, Top Ten Reasons Why Customers Trust Google Apps with Their Data and the Google Apps for Education Security and Privacy page.  

     Is Google compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?  
    Yes, Google complies with applicable U.S. privacy law. The Google Terms of Service Agreement specifically details its obligations and compliance with FERPA regulations. 

     Is Google accessible to all members of the campus community?   
    Google is committed to improving its services so that they are accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. See Making Google Accessible. 

     I have more questions. Where can I get more information?    
    Email us at gsquad@hamline.edu to send us a question.