• Next Steps


    Migration and Implementation Plan  

    • Working Group transitioning from recommendation to planning phase   
    • Sub-groups being formed for:                               
      • Schedule/Timing
      • Technical Migration
      • Training and Support
      • Communications to Campus
      • User Requirements/Analysis  
    • Strike balance between timeliness of implementation vs. appropriate preparation required
    • Schedule/Timing
      • What do we need to consider in terms of timing for implementation of Google Apps (and sunsetting of GroupWise)?
        • Especially in terms of Academic Calendar(s) and other considerations?  
      • Wide range at other institutions
        • 2-3 weeks (e.g., Macalester)
        • Several years (e.g., UMN)

    What is Next: 

    • Google migration:
      Google is ready for training
      Email data is migrated

    • Hamline is all Google