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    Obtaining Your Hamline Identification Card

    Hamline identification cards are required for all students and employees.
    ID cards may be obtained at the Safety and Security Office.
    The ID card includes your Hamline ID Number and Library Code.



    Using Piperline

    Piperline is the secure website that provides students, faculty and staff access to their personal information and records. To access Piperline, you need to know your Hamline ID number and Piperline PIN.



     Your Hamline Username  

    Your Hamline Username is the account you use to access technology resources at Hamline like Blackboard, Learning House, your Google email account, the local network, the wireless network, File Access, or any computer on campus (computer labs, classrooms, or private offices).  



    Your Hamline Email Account

    Hamline University provides Google Email account, powered by the full Google Apps Education Suite. Staff and faculty as well as admitted licensure and degree seeking students are provided with an email addresses in the format of username@hamline.edu.


    Using Hamline Learning Management Systems 

    Hamline uses two learning Management systems: Blackboard and Moodle(Learning House). These are web-based systems course management systems that allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online or use online course components to complement face-to face teaching. 


    Using FileAccess

    FileAccess is a web-based file storage system available to students. You have a 200 MB private space assigned in the File access server. Use it to store your work and access it from any computer on or off-campus. 


    Accessing Library Databases

    Bush Library offers students free access to diverse databases. Accessing library databases from off-campus requires you to enter you Hamline ID number or Library code. 


    Computer Requirements  

    Minimum computer requirements are intended to ensure that the equipment you bring to campus meets any software requirements placed on it for the current academic year. 


    Computer Labs on Campus  

    More than 150 computers are housed in computer labs across the Saint Paul campus. The main computer lab is in the Bush Library basement. There's also a 24-Hour Computer Lab in Sorin Residence Hall which is open to all students (your ID card is required to get in). Over 50 computers are housed in the computer labs located in Minneapolis campus rooms 23 and 49.


    Printing/Copying Equipment on Campus

    Printing/copying equipment is available in the computer labs and across the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses. Hamline University uses a billing code based solution for all students. This system requires a Printing/Copying Billing Code, a unique number that is assigned only to you. 


    Using the SofTest System (Law school)

    SofTest is a test assessment program utilized by the Hamline Law School. Developed and licensed by ExamSoft, it enables students to download exams to their own laptop computers, block access to files, programs, and the Internet during an exam, and complete exams securely and remotely.



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