Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: 
    Proposed Revisions to the Hamline Plan

    Guidelines for Proposals to Revise Hamline Plan Requirements 

    Hamline Plan Roll-Out Timeline (from October 17, 2013 meeting)
    Hamline Plan Changes Grid (from October 17, 2013 meeting)

    Letter “C”
    Curriculum revision proposal, January 16, 2013 
    Creative Problem Solving with Digital Tools Proposal, January 16, 2013
    D Rubric Appendix A

    Letter “R”
    Curriculum revision proposal, January 16, 2013
    R1 Rubric Appendix A, January 16, 2013
    R2 Rubric Appendix A

    Letter “Q”
    Responses to Faculty Questions, January 17, 2013
    Q Rationale and Background, November 9, 2012
    Independent Critical Inquiry and Information Literacy Summary
    Letters "T/E"
    Writing-Intensive Proposal, November 5, 2012
    First-Year Writing Rubric
    Capstone Writing Rubric

    Letter "W"
    LEAD to LEAP Proposal, January 18, 2013
    LEAP Rubric, September 12, 2013

    Letter "O"
    Speaking Intensive Proposal and Rubrics, May 2012

    Cultural Breadth: Letters "G"/"I"/"L"
    Cultural Breadth Proposal, August 8, 2013
    Intercultural Knowledge Rubric
    Global Learning Rubric

    Disciplinary Breadth: Letters "F, H, N, S"
    Disciplinary Breadth Proposal, January 18, 2013   

    Breadth of Study 
    Breadth of Study Proposal

    Last updated August 13, 2013