An eFolio is a web-based multimedia electronic portfolio designed to help you create a living showcase of your education and personal achievements. It's an online version of your resume, your experiences, your goals and more.

All Minnesota residents; including students and educators affiliated with Minnesota schools and people working in the state of Minnesota, can use eFolioMinnesota to reach their career and education goals.

eFolioMinnesota is a free resource for Minnesota residents, students, and workers provided by the Minnesota State Colleges and University system.

Students use eFolio to track coursework and extra curricular activities.

Educators use eFolio in their classrooms sharing the value of an online portfolio to students, as well as documenting ongoing training activities, sharing and showcasing online tools, and maintaining a curriculum vitae.

Professionals use eFolio to highlight background and professional lives.

Career  use of eFolio allows you to maintain an online resume which can be easily updated and readily accessible to potential employers.

Institutions use eFolio to show institutional effectiveness, to present an electronic snapshot on the academic and operational happenings, to display documents and materials for accreditation purposes, to support projects and programs, and to foster accountability with internal and external stakeholders.

You can sign up for an efolio here:

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