Before students start using efolio, they need to sign up for it.  For information on how to sign up, click  here: https://signup.efoliomn.com/signup.aspx 


Before students login to their portfolios, take a few minutes to describe the portfolio (what it is) and its functions (what it can do for your students).  Some suggestions for how to describe the e-folio are listed below.  A portfolio . . .

  • . . . is like a filing cabinet, with folders and subfolders, that allows you to keep track of all your work (in and out of class, on and off campus).
  • . . . allows you to store (or archive) your work in a multimedia format (documents, images, audio and video clips, hyperlinks).
  • . . . provides you with a tool to connect your experiences, reflect upon what you are learning, explore options and opportunities, and plan for your future.
  • . . . is not a personal home page, but a professional development tool that you will use to archive and reflect upon all of your work both in college and after you graduate.
  • . . . is an ongoing learning process and not something you will complete in your first year.

Getting Started

Follow the Five Steps below for a successful electronic portfolio. As you work on your site using the electronic portfolio tool, you can easily access online assistance and Quick Tips.

  1. Collect: Collect the information for your electronic portfolio. Add new content to your site as you gather your resources.
  2. Select: Select those documents that are most pertinent to your goals and keep them handy as you work on your electronic portfolio. Content will be added to your new eFolio site first before any page layout begins. It is important to select pertinent work samples and experiences that should be displayed. At this point, you may wish to think about groups of related information and use the tagging feature.
  3. Reflect: Reflect on what you've accomplished in school and in your career, and how it fits with your goals. Look at your site content and determine what is important and how your pages should display. Add reflections to content for added depth.
  4. Build: Build your site using the electronic portfolio tool. Determine how your pages and your sites should be created and displayed. Pages for education, employment, and volunteer activities may mirror your resume in a more attractive and interactive format. Multiple sites may be created within one eFolio.
  5. Publish: Publish your portfolio by making it public or inviting visitors. You can let others read all sites or only a select site within your primary eFolio. Targeting is helpful if you have multiple skills and are open to a number of different employment options.

ACCESS resources

For answers to any questions about efolio, please visit this link: https://efolio.custhelp.com/ 

For additional information about resources for students, such as career search and Minnesota Colleges,  please visit: https://efolio.custhelp.com/app/students 

For additional information about resources for, such as career search, curriculum vitae, and portfolios,  please visit: https://efolio.custhelp.com/app/professionals 


samples of efolios

To see what other students and professionals are doing for their efolios, please visit: https://efolio.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2583