Off-Campus Access


    Accessing Tarantella from a Mac

    1. DOWNLOAD X11

    Make sure to check the system requirements.


    When a dialog box pops up, click Save. Next, find that file on your Desktop and double-click it to install the program. Once the program has installed, you should see the Tarantella icon on your Desktop.

    3. Once you have X11 installed, you should be able to run Tarantella. If you double-click on the Tarantella icon, it should say something about needing X11. In response, you should be able to click on a button to "Start X11". This should start X11 as well as Tarantella. You will need to start a new connection.

    4. Finally, you should be able to enter your username and password, and it should connect you.

     Need more help? Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at  or  651-523.2220.