Security considerations

The Banner database contains confidential and vital information. Database security is always something to be aware and concerned about. This is especially true now that Banner is available via a web browser. The following changes will be made in order to provide the most secure system possible.

Password Aging/Expiration

Banner passwords must now contain both numbers and letters, and be at least 8 characters in length. All Banner passwords will expire every 180 days. You will be given a warning message a week before this expiration date. When changing your Banner password, at least 5 of the characters must be different – for example: changing from “ziggy2000” to “ziggy2001” will not be allowed.

Failed Retries

After three unsuccessful attempts to login, your password will become locked for 30 minutes. If you need to get into Banner sooner than that, you will need to call the Banner Hotline to have your password reset.

Connection Timeout

Your Banner session will timeout after 90 minutes of inactivity. When returning after not interacting with Banner for an extended period, you may encounter the “Oracle error 1012”. You can re-connect to Banner by selecting the options: Help / Technical Support / Reconnect to Database. This method of reconnecting is quicker than exiting and re-starting Banner, and also has the advantage of allowing you to resume what you were doing before the timeout.

Locking Workstations

It is recommended that you lock your workstation when leaving your desk for an extended period. (This will also help to protect other private information such as E-Mail messages and memos and other documents).
To lock your workstation: press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then select Lock Workstation.
To unlock your workstation: press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then log in using your Hamline Novell username and password.