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Sophos 6.5 for Windows

Install Sophos 6.5 Antivirus Software for Windows XP and Vista


Hamline University has purchased licenses with Sophos to distribute one copy of their Antivirus software for every staff, student (some exceptions apply), and faculty for private use. In addition, Sophos is licensed for all computers that are owned by the University.

If you are not a staff, student, or faculty member, make sure you have antivirus software running on your machine and that it is updated regularly. To use the University's license follow the list below.

  1. If you have any anti-virus program installed on your computer, un-install it (many computers come with anti-virus software pre-installed-- it is best to use the University's license since the pre-installed software will require you to purchase a license to get the regular updates),
    1. Clicking on the Start button.
    2. Selecting Settings and then Control Panel.
    3. Double click on Add/Remove Programs.
    4. Clicking the Remove button for your current antivirus software.
  2. Login to Piperline, click on Additional Services and then Download Software.
  3. Scroll down until you find “Sophos Antivirus 6.5 for Windows” highlighted in red—click on it, click on the file name that appears next to “Download Software” and then when prompted click on the Save button.
  4. Save savxp60sasfx.exe to your hard drive, then double-click on the file to begin the installation. Click on the Install button and an extraction process will take place. On the screen that appears next click on the Next button and the installation will begin. When the process is done click on the Finish button. Sophos is now installed and a blue shield will appear in the system tray.
  5. Right-click the shield for configuration options. In order keep virus defense patterns current, configure AutoUpdate to use the Sophos website. When doing so, use the following credentials: username em01070693, password 582kmd675
  6. See  for more information.

To uninstall from Windows XP, goto Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, find and highlight each Sophos item on the list and choose to Remove (one item at a time)

To uninstall from Windows Vista, goto the Windows sphere, Control Panel, Programs and Features, find and highlight each Sophos item on the list and choose to Remove (one item at a time)

Need more help? Please contact the Help Desk by email or by phone at 651-523.2220