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Sophos 4.8 antivirus for MacIntosh

Install Sophos 4.8 Antivirus Software for MacIntosh OS X 10.2 – 10.4

Hamline University has purchased licenses with Sophos to distribute one copy of their Antivirus software for every staff, student (some exceptions apply), and faculty for private use. In addition, Sophos is licensed for all computers that are owned by the University.

If you are not a staff, student, or faculty member, make sure you have antivirus software running on your machine and that it is updated regularly. To use the University's license follow the list below.

  1. If you have any anti-virus program installed on your Mac, un-install it by following the instructions provided by the company that makes it or by placing the application in the trash (many computers come with anti-virus software pre-installed-- it is best to use the University's license since the pre-installed software will require you to purchase a license to get the regular updates).
  2. Login to Piperline, click on Additional Services and then Download Software.Scroll down until you find “Sophos Antivirus for MacIntosh” highlighted in red—click on it, click on the file name that appears next to “Download Software” and then when prompted click on the Save button.
  3. Save savosx48sa.dmg to your hard drive, then double-click on the file to extract the files. When the files appear, double-click on Sophos Anti-Virus.mpkg and installation will begin. When prompted to allow a program to be run, choose Continue. Continue should also be chosen on the main install screen and the release notes screen. On the destination dialog box, highlight the hard drive and choose Continue, the choose Install (or Upgrade if Sophos has already been installed under another ID). You will now be prompted for the local admin credentials- enter them. The program will now install; choose Close when it has finished.
  4. Sophos is now installed and a blue shield will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the desktop. You can click on the shield for configuration options. In order keep virus defense patterns current, configure AutoUpdate to use the Sophos website. When doing so, use the following credentials: username em01070693, password 582kmd675.
  5. See for more information.

* To uninstall Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X, first you will need to enter an administrator username and password to run the uninstaller; goto Macintosh HD|Library|Application Support|Sophos Anti-Virus, select 'SAV Uninstaller' and then follow the instructions on the screen.