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Use this form to request a locker at Hamline University School of Law (HUSL).

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Locker Policy


  • HUSL lockers are available for rent to students and student organizations from the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students request lockers online using the Locker Request form. Students may request more than one locker by submitting multiple requests. 
  • The president or chief executive officer of each student organization may request a locker for the organization and designate users for the locker. 
  • Locker numbers are assigned at random. Students who have difficulty accessing lockers on top rows may express a preference for the lower row or vice versa.
  • Locker rental renews automatically as long as the student is enrolled at Hamline Law.  
  • Students may relinquish lockers at any time by emailing the Office of the Registrar.


  • For each locker rented, a nominal non-refundable fee is automatically charged to the student's account each semester ($10). If the locker is for a student organization, the student must pursue reimbursement for the cost with the organization. Active students or organizations who want to discontinue use of a locker must notify the Office of the Registrar.
  • An appropriate cleaning fee will be assessed if the locker is not emptied and cleaned by the deadlines stipulated below.


  • Lockers are located in the Law School building's lower level.

Locker Combination

  • Students' locker number and combination information are available via Piperline. From the main menu, click Personal Information and then Campus Address (Mail Stop) Information.
  • Locker number and combination information for student organizations are available via Piperline under the account(s) of the designated organization member(s).
  • Students who believe their combination number has been compromised should request a combination change from the Office of the Registrar.


  • Students and student organizations should employ common sense regarding what to store in the lockers. Students shouldn't store perishable or malodorous items, flammable, corrosive or otherwise dangerous substances, noise emitting devises, etc. HUSL reserves the right to, without notice, open lockers and dispose of any such items or substances.
  • Locker contents are not insured by HUSL; students are discouraged from storing valuables.
  • Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from HUSL, go on a leave of absence or visit away for Fall or Spring term(s) must remove all contents and clean their lockers within fifteen days of the effective date of withdrawal or leave.
  • Students who graduate must remove all contents and clean their lockers within sixty days of graduation.
  • Organization lockers must be transferred to the newly elected officers or emptied and cleaned within sixty days of Spring graduation.
  • Contents not removed by the stated deadlines will be discarded and/or donated to charity.

Locker Request Form



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Use only if the locker is to be assigned to a student organization, or if you are a new officer of the student organization. Not for personal lockers.
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