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DVD order iconTo order residency lecture DVDs, please fully complete the following online form. DVDs can take up to a week to process + mail time.

Please note: These lectures are exclusively for current, new and former MFAC students.
Please do not reproduce or disseminate in any form.

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HOW TO ORDER: Make selections by checking the box for each requested DVD; scroll down to submit. Please read DVD and payment information before submitting.

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DVDs will be mailed out as quickly as they can be reproduced and sent, generally about a week. During particularly busy times of year (residencies, graduation, term start/end), it might take up to two weeks to send out an order.

DVDs are recorded in high quality; however, due to space and time constraints, they are not all available in HD, widescreen or large sizes. Some DVDs might have moments of audio or video difficulties.

Not all residency lectures will be available on DVD. Some faculty or guests prefer not to be recorded, permission might be given for DVD production, or technical difficulties might make production impossible.


DVDs are $5 each.

To submit payment: return payment information will be included with the DVD order.
Payment by check or money order preferred, made payable to Hamline University.
By selecting "Submit Form," you are agreeing to make payment in a timely manner. 

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